About Us

Who Are you?

Cook Geeks is a cooking social network provides IT, Marketing and content management services to F&B market.

Our startup company is located in Dubai, our founder believes that innovation is the only way to succeed in the local and global market.

What is the story of Cook Geeks?
Being an entrepreneur in the MENA region, we know what it takes to be part of the new ecosystem.
To gather our professional team worldwide and introduce our secret recipes of social networking. Ideas come from our saucepan with flavors and colors to make your world extraordinary.

What is your message?

We believe that “COOKING IS MORE THAN JUST INGREDIENTS” and we want to share this message to everyone.

What is Cook Geeks Vision and Mission?
Yummy is our top mission, you will taste it, hear it and feel it with us .We introduce you to an amazing cooking experience using our tools, services and programs. You can create, share and publish content with other cooking geeks!


■To create a pleasant social food and cooking experience around the globe.


■To connect cooking passionate, celebrate food, and share the experience everywhere.

Why did you choose the F&B market?

The market is full of business ideas, and we choose the F&B industry to differentiate ourselves in the local and global market, and to be the only destination for people and business food content management

Where are your team located?
We are located in Dubai and Tbilisi

What is your favorite meal?
We love food and cooking, Our Aklnji is your destination for food and entertainment.